New Feature - Website Builder

We now have a Website Builder which is available under our Shared Hosting Plans. 

Website Builder (RvSiteBuilder)

4th Jan 2016
Invoice Layout Update

Brand new Invoice Layout for a great start for 2016!

We'd like to thank our customers for their patience as we had to roll back to the default layout mid last year due to incompatibility issues when we upgraded our system. 

3rd Jan 2016
New Feature - Quick Login

Our new Quick Login Feature is now avaiable on the front page of our Client Area

2nd Jan 2016
New Client Area.

Enjoy the new features. More features coming soon.

25th Jul 2015
New Hosting Plans soon available in the Cloud


New Shared Hosting Plans soon available in the cloud. 

22nd Jul 2015
Claim your. NZ Domain

From 1PM, 30 September you will be able to register shorter domains name like Check it out now at


26th Jul 2014
Domain Pricing

It is with pleasure to let you know that we have once again dropped our Domain Registrations Pricing as below:

.com / .biz / .info / .org / .net
$12 to transfer a domain
$13.20 to Renew / Register / /
Free Transfer
$18.40 to Renew/Register

17th Aug 2011